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"We strive to break down linguistic barriers in industry and academia
by making English language learning accessible to all."

Our story

Our co-founders, Sungpah and Hoon Lee, know first-hand just how big an impact English language skills can have on personal achievement. During their MBA at Stanford, they found that their success was initially limited by their non-native grasp of English.
Ringle was dreamed up in Stanford's dorms: Sungpah taught himself to code, while Hoon wrote lesson packets. They spent their evenings and weekends desperately trying to recruit their peers as tutors, with balloons and chocolates (with varying success!).
Over time, with the help of their classmate's brother at Harvard, Ringle grew into the platform it is today: a comfortable, friendly space where both students and professionals can build their understanding of English, through compassionate tutoring on everyday digital platforms such as Zoom and Google.

Our value

Provide opportunities

To both students and tutors to develop
their linguistic and interpersonal skills
and realise their full potential.

Connect changemaker

By building a network of
high-achieving native English speakers
and industry professionals.

Build a global platform

By offering both students and tutors
both flexibility and stability,
and career development support to all.

Join us today!

The best learning environment for tutors and students alike,
all while breaking down cultural, geographical and educational barriers.